Menù 1

Menù 2

Sliced assorted cold meat
with pickles

Risotto with Red Chicory
Macaroni Pasta with
Capers and Black Olives

Sliced of pork with mushroom
Roast Chicken with Vegetables

Ice Cream cup

€ 23,00

Mixed Herb Salad w/ Braised Pork Bacon & Balsamic Dressing

Risotto with Lemon
Fagottini Pasta Pouches filled with
Ham and Pear

Chicken Fajtas & Roast Pork
Mix Vegetable

Sfogliatina Gratinata
(Special Ice Cream Dessert)

€ 28,00

Menù 3


Menù 4

Yellow Polenta and Salami

Radicchio W/ Smoked Cheese Risotto
Fagottini Pasta Pouches filled
with Ham and Pear

Roast of Guinea Fowls &
Pork with Black Olives
Mix Vegetables

Mascarpone Cup

€ 28,00


Raw Veneto Ham w/
Asparagus or Melon

Mushrooms Risotto
Crepes with Cheese & Ham

Checks of Veal w/ Vegetables
Yellow Polenta

Lemon Sorbetto


€ 26,00



All the set menu include per person

½ of Our local Bottle Wind-Wine , Tramot, Zefiro, Garbin o Sirocho Æolia Selection
½ Mineral Water and Coffee
Flowers on the Table


White sparkling Wine , Orange and Grapefruit Juice , Olives and salt bisquits € 2,50
Fully Reserved Æolia Room with Silver Plate & Crystals € 100,00

The price list starts on the 1st of March 2011

Luca & Sebastiano
III Generation Chemello Family

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