September 2005

In Estate a Tavola
Gli Antipasti

Old Asiago Cheese w/ Honey, Yellow Polenta & Hazel Nuts

Sprout & Herb Salad with Braised Pork Bacon & Balsamic Dressing

Focaccia (Roast Bread) w/ Radicchio & Anchovies

Sopressa (Veneto Salami) w/ Mushrooms and Polenta

Raw Ham of Montagnana w/ Pear & Cheese

Raw Braided Cold Veal w/ Truffles & Olive Oil, Cheese Asiago

Strudel (Salt Cake) w/ Fresh Mushrooms

€ 5,00

€ 4,20

€ 3,50

€ 4,50

€ 4,50

€ 4,50

€ 4,00

I Primi Piatti

Egg Noodles w/ Smoked Goose

* Finferli Mushrooms Risotto

Potato Dumpling (Gnocchi) with Porcini Mushrooms

Crepes w/ New Radicchio Pine Seed

Fusilli Pasta w/ Fresh Tomatoes & Prawn River

Fagottini Pasta Pouches filled with Prosciutto and Pear

Egg Noodles Soup w/ Chicken Liver

€ 6,00

€ 7,50

€ 8,50

€ 6,00

€ 8,00

€ 8,00

€ 5,50

I Secondi Con Contorno

Traditional Veneto Baked Dried Cod w/ Fresh Mushrooms Style served w/ Polenta

Quail Vicentina Style w/ Red Cabbage and Yellow Polenta

Bison (Buffalo) (north Dakota) Sirloin Steak w/ Stuffed Tomatoes

Entrecòte of Irish Angus Beef in a Grappa Sauce w/ Eggplant

Sliced Ostrich (Zimbabwe) w/ Honey & Balsamic Vinegar and Rostibacon

§ Reindeer (Sweden) seasoned w/ Beer and Onions in Balsamic Sauce

Saddle of New Zealand Lamb Seasoned w/ Fennel Seed & Zucchini

§ Australian Kangaroo Filet w/ Fresh Basil & Herbs

§ Small Kibbles of Colt with Mushrooms & Polenta

§ Gratin Pot of Shrimps (Madagascar) w/ Kataifi Pasta

A Selection of Cheeses, served with Warm Bread, Homemade Jam and a Glass of Red Wine

€ 9,50

€ 9,00

€ 10,00

€ 12,00

€ 10,00

€ 9,20

€ 13,00

€ 9,20

€ 9,20

€ 10,50

€ 9,20




Minimum of 2 Person

The Traditional Vicentina Kitchen*

Chef Recommend


Raw Ham w/ Pear and Cheese
Egg Noodles w/ Chicken Livers
Quail w/ Red Cabbage & Polenta
Hazel Nut Cake

€ 21,50

Strudel Mushrooms
Asiago Cheese
Egg Noodles w/ Smoked Goose
Gnocchi w/ Porcini Mushrooms
Traditional Veneto Baked Salt Cod with Special Yellow Polenta
Lemon Ice to Clear the Palate
Sliced Ostrich

€ 25,00

Roast Bread w/ Anchovies & Radicchio
Fusilli Pasta w/ River Prawn
Gratin pot of Shrimps
Special Ice Cream Dessert

€ 24,00

Child's Menu

Lunch Only

Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce
Chicken Cutlet & Potatoes
Special Baby Ice Cream Dessert

€ 8,50

(Even for One)

Kibbles of Colt
w/ Mushrooms

€ 11,00

Pasta Menu
Meat Menu

Egg Noodles
Fagottini Pasta

€ 13,50

Sprout & Herb Salad
w/ Braised Pork
Fagottini Pasta Pouches
filled with Prosciutto and Pear
Horse Loin Steak
Special Ice Cream Dessert

€ 25,00


€ 18,50


* Minimum of 2 persons
Ø Some ingredients
may have been frozen

Warm Bread Basket
€ 1,60
Coperto € 2,00
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